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Feature Overview

With Campaigns by influData, master the full spectrum of influencer marketing effortlessly. Whether you're launching a quick campaign or managing multiple complex campaigns for diverse projects, we've got you covered. Set up, analyze, and optimize your campaigns within minutes, or delve into advanced features tailored for agencies. Your complete influencer marketing solution awaits.

Instagram Tracking

Monitor your brand's activity, mentions, and engagement on Instagram in real-time.

Dashboards for Campaigns

Customize and view your campaign metrics in a user-friendly interface for clear insights.

Team Collaborations
(coming soon)

Work in teams and add comments to creator profiles, share information or upload files, like contracts.

Earned Media Value (EMV)

Calculate the worth of your organic mentions and interactions to assess your brand's non-paid media impact.

Sentiment: Most Liked Comments

Understand audience sentiments by analyzing the top-engaged comments on your campaigns.

Sentiment: Positivity Rate of Comments 

Quantify the positivity in user feedback by evaluating the percentage of favorable comments in your campaigns.

Set Campaign Goals 

Define and track specific objectives for your campaigns to measure success and guide strategy adjustments.

Reporting: Most Successful Creators

Identify and highlight the top-performing creators based on engagement, reach, and alignment with your brand's objectives.

Reporting: Most Used Keywords, Mentions, Hashtags

Understand the common themes and trends in your campaigns by analyzing the most frequently used terms and tags.

Reporting: Reached Audience by Gender

Break down your campaign's engagement metrics by gender, understanding its appeal across different demographics.

Content: Add Information to Reporting (coming soon)

Enhance your reports by manually integrating additional relevant information, ensuring comprehensive insights.

Custom Fields: Track Metrics Manually

Input and manage specific data points by hand, ensuring flexibility in how you measure and interpret campaign success.

Advanced Reporting: Create Custom Notifications 

Stay updated with personalized alerts about specific creators' activities, ensuring you never miss a crucial campaign moment.

Advanced Reporting: Create Custom Dashboards and Graphs 

Craft tailored visualization tools to present your campaign metrics in a manner that best suits your analysis and presentation needs.

Upload & Store Files and Documents (coming soon)

Store information, like contracts, invoices and more assets on our secure servers and make it available for your team.

Encrypted and Securely stored Data

We use latest encryption mechanisms to make sure that your data is safe and can't be accessed by anyone else. 

TikTok Tracking

Stay updated with your brand's presence, mentions, and interactions on TikTok seamlessly.

Share Dashboards via Links

Easily distribute your campaign insights with others using direct shareable links.

Full Data Access

Experience unrestricted access to all tracked content, creators, and comments. Utilize our high-performance sheet to filter, analyze, and export data effortlessly.

Brand Accounts Tracking

Keep an eye on the growth, engagement, and overall performance of your official brand accounts across platforms.

Sentiment: Comments with Keywords

Dive deep into user feedback by filtering and studying comments containing specific keywords related to your brand or campaign.

Sentiment: Controversial Rate of Comments

Gauge the divisive nature of user feedback by measuring the rate of comments that spark varied reactions.

Set Creator Goals 

Establish clear performance benchmarks for individual creators to ensure alignment with campaign objectives and monitor their effectiveness.

Reporting: Published Content over Time

Visualize the distribution and frequency of content releases throughout your campaigns for better timing insights.

Reporting: Reached Audience by Country

Gauge your campaign's global impact by visualizing the geographic distribution of your engaged audience.

Reporting: Reached Audience by Age

Analyze the age distribution of your engaged audience to tailor campaigns for maximum impact across age groups.

Calendar: Add Custom Events and Check Published Content

Schedule and overview custom events, while also monitoring the timing and frequency of content releases.

Keywords Manager: Add #, @, Links and Keywords

Streamline your tracking process by centralizing and managing all vital hashtags, mentions, links, and keywords in one place.

Advanced Reporting: Create Automations 

Set up automatic actions and responses based on specific campaign triggers and metrics.

Advanced Reporting: Export all your data 

Ensure complete data portability by easily downloading all your campaign metrics and insights for external analysis or archiving.

Dedicated Campaign Setup & Demos

Embark on your analytics journey with confidence. Our team is on standby to assist with campaign setups and offer personalized demos to ensure you maximize our tool's potential from day one.

YouTube Tracking

Analyze your brand's performance, mentions, and viewer engagement on YouTube effortlessly.

Pipelines for Campaign Planning

Create funnels for your creators before the campaign even starts and sort them based on the current stage of your planning phase. 

CRM- & CPE-Reporting

Integrate and evaluate both customer relationship metrics and cost per engagement data for comprehensive insights.

Analyze Campaigns over Time

Track the progress, impact, and trends of your campaigns across different timeframes for strategic insights.

Sentiment: AI Summaries of Comments

Leverage artificial intelligence to distill vast comment sections into concise, insightful summaries.

Sentiment: Brand Focus of Comments

Determine how central your brand is within user discussions by analyzing the prevalence of brand mentions and related topics in comments.

Review & Download Latest Content

Easily access, evaluate, and save the most recent content from your campaigns for reference or future use.

Reporting: Published Content grouped by Reach

Categorize and assess content based on its audience reach, helping to identify the most impactful pieces.

Reporting: Reached Audience by Language

Assess the linguistic diversity of your campaigns, identifying the primary languages of your engaged audience.

Reporting: Reached Audience by City

Pinpoint the urban centers where your campaign resonates the most, optimizing for local strategies and events.

Custom Fields: Include Custom Information via Webhooks (coming soon)

Integrate bespoke data points into your campaigns using webhooks, enabling a tailored analytics experience.

Advanced Reporting: Access to all Content Information 

Dive deeper into analytics with comprehensive access to every detail and data point related to your campaign content.

Advanced Reporting: Connect to Interfaces 

Seamlessly integrate your campaign data with other platforms and tools, like Slack, Teams etc., enhancing your workflow and analysis capabilities.

Advanced Reporting: Unlimited Sharing Options  

Facilitate collaboration and transparency by granting limitless sharing capabilities, ensuring stakeholders have access to crucial campaign insights.

Customer Support

Get prompt assistance and answers to all your queries, ensuring a smooth experience and maximizing the potential of your campaigns.

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