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WeCreate Data GmbH

Information in accordance with §5 of the E-Commerce Act, §14 of the Unternehmensgesetzbuch, §63 of the Commercial Code and disclosure requirements under §25 of the Media Act.

WeCreate Data GmbH
Obere Augartenstrasse 2/24,
1020 Vienna,

Object of the company: Marketing
VAT-Number: ATU73053839
Corporate register number: 482162m
Corporate register court: Wien
Company location: Wien

Phone: +49 40 85568029

Member of: WKO
Laws re. professions: Trade regulations:

Supervisory/Trade authority: Magistrat der Stadt Wien
Job title: Marketing
Awarding Country: Austria

Chief executive: Johannes Ruisinger

Ownership structure: Hashtag Deep 24/7 GmbH 59,76%, etruvian Holdings Limited 40,24%

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